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Pidcock Condor Token Beaver/Lion 1801


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I I recently bougt a lot of old coins by the kilo, and in among those coins i found a Pidcock token. Have just researched abit on it on the web, but havent found much material on it. An article updated 2007 mentions that noone knows what function the coin had when made. Is that still the case?


My coins looks to be in decent shape, but I wouldnt know how to appraise a token! Is my token i decent shape? (pics attached)

Any information is appreciated.




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Can't help with info but I can say that I like that token a lot. Welcome to CoinPeople. Hope you enjoy it here.

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Thank you very much for the information about my token. That was interesting reading indeed.


I've had a read about the NGC Coin grading process as well, to be able to compare my specimen with the one you linked to.


I'dont think my token is that bad actually - qualitywise - and now it's "scarce" as well :-)



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