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Hi I'm back

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Hi. My name is Joe and live in north Jersey in the good ol USA. I have been collecting about 15 years now. I have been away from collecting the past couple years but have started back up again. One of my 15 year old boys has an interest so we will be going to shows together and such. In the past I was mostly into variety US cents. I would buy them enjoy them for a while and either sell them or not pay much attention to them. Now I have a nice set of A.R.R.C Bingles. They are Alaskan tokens issued in 1935 by the govt. My current quest is to complete a high grade uncirculated Lithuanian coin set 1925-1938. I have bought some nice ones in slabs and sent some in myself to be slabbed. I figure it's nice to know their opinion of grade but I can let the kids look at even the most expensive ones with no worry of ruining a part of history. Also the lithuanian mint sets from 1991 to present. I might start a graded set for those as well.

I think the most fun will be giving my boy a limited budget and good coin books to read and seeing what attracts him at the shows.

My wife just bought a nice camera and I am going to pick up a macro lens for it so with some help from above I hope to share some nice pictures with all of you.

Boy I can be long winded : )

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