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Where to store coins


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It depends on how they are stored and what the environmental conditions are in which you are storing them. Is the room humid or prone to temp. fluctuations? How are they being stored?

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Your safest, best, place to store all your coins is at my house. Just send them all to me and no more worries about how to store them. Same with all your valuables. :bthumbsup:

1. Pending how old the wood, if wood that is, is your drawer. Wood as it drys over time emits gasses. Some of those gasses are dangerous to metal on coins or anything metal.

2. Pending on if your drawer is wood and finished with wood stains, varnishes, laquers, etc. those too emit gasses as they dry and those too are dangerous to all metals.

3. If your place is in a high humidity invironment, the moisture in the air too will effect the coins. Humidity and gasses in the air effect metals.

4. By carefully, what is that supposed to mean? If you place them in the drawer carefully and then bump that drawer, those coins could move. If you open that drawer often enough, you allow possible spit, fluids form coughing, sneezing to get to your coins.

5. All in all, not a good place for long term storage of anything of value.

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