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To all winners...

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I would like to donate the money in one lump sum, so as the auctions end I will create a tally for winners. If you want to pay for each auction individually that is fine too, otherwise just wait for me to PM you with a total and payment instructions.


For those sellers who want to collect themselves, just PM me and let me know who you are so I don't charge your winners.



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Tally so far:


28 Plain $60.00 Medieval Penny (shipper: Aethling), $18.19 Pengo (shipper: Me)


Art $12 Barber Dimes (shipper: Trantor), $10 UK Half Pennies (Shipper: Me), $5 Nicaragua notes (shipper: Me), $5 Asian Notes (Shipper: Me), $3 Angola Note (Shipper: Josemartins), $2 Congo Note (Shipper: Josemartins) (SALVATION ARMY)

$5.75 Something (Shipper 28 Plain)


Blackhawk $10 1743 Restrike (Shipper: 28 Plain)


bobbycoin $6 SBA Mint Set (Shipper: Stujoe), $4 Canadian Dollars (Shipper: Daggit), $17 Canadian Anniv Set (Shipper: Daggit), $5 Italian Lot (Shipper: Josemartins), $15 UK Pennies (shipper: Me) $8.50 Wheaties (shipper: Art)


brett $7 Notes (Shipper: Josemartins), $5 Thai Note (Shipper: Me)


burks $14 German Pfennig Lot (Shipper: Stujoe),

$8 Walker (shipper: Me) - shipping today.


ccg $155 IHC (Shipper: Україна Двi)


daggit $6 Merc Dimes (Shipper: Moi) - shipping today. $8 IHC's (Shipper: Me)



gxseries $13.37 Collector's Coins (Shipper: Aethling)


henare: $25 Australia Note (shipper: Me)


jtryka $25.50 junk silver (Shipper: Stujoe)


McDoo $14 Buff Nicks (Shipper: Moi)


Ray $7 Merc MM set (Shipper: Moi), $15 Mardi Gras Dub (Shipper: Me) $5 Trades (shipper: Art)


Sir Sisu $5 48 50 Korun (Shipper: Anton), $5 5 Markka (Shipper: McDoo), $6 '80 SBA Set (Shipper: Stujoe), $15 68 Proof Set (Shipper: Moi), $3 Netherlands 10c (Shipper: Moi), $23 Portuguese Lot (shipper: Josemartins), $7 Other Lot (shipper Josemartins), $5 Europe Lot (Shipper: Josemartins), $13 African Lot (Shipper: Josemartins)


SquirrelNuts $15 Off Center penny (Shipper: Stujoe), $4 Silver Certs (Shipper: ccg)


stujoe $6 Chile Peso (Shipper: Anton), $4 BU Roosies (Shipper: Moi), $8 80 Mint Set (Shipper: Moi), $12 Roman Bronze (Shipper: CCG), $4 IHC Stamps (Shipper: CCG), $14 Frankies (Shipper: Me), $8 1941 Washer (Shipper: 28 Plain), $4 Lincoln Lot (Shipper: Trantor), $12.50 2006 Redbook (Shipper: Art), $33 Walker Lot (Shipper: Kboy) $10 Ruble (Shipper 28 Plain) $7 I Token (Shipper 28 Plain) $5 Large Cent (Shipper: Art)


Tabbs $19 25 Korun and 100 Korun (Shipper: Anton)

$14 Swedish Coppers (Shipper: Moi) - shipping today.


Me $7 Canada Dollar (Shipper: Anton), $17 Georgia Note (Shipper: McDoo), $15 Alabama Note (Shipper: McDoo), $10 Portsmouth Note (Shipper: McDoo), $2 Netherlands 10c (Shipper: ccg), $15 & $12 Finnish Commems (Shipper: Sisu), $12.27 New German Commem (Shipper: Tabbs), $10 Paying Blackhawk's auction as I owe him money.


trantor $17.50 Farthing (Shipper: Moi) $11 Ike (Shipper: Moi), $7 Bicents (Shipper: CCG), $4 5 Pfs (Shipper: Me), $9.50 German Marks (Shipper: Me) $10.11 Canada 5 cent (Shipper 28 Plain)


unclebobo $15 69 Proof Set (Shipper: Me)


unicorn $14.50 Hungary Denar (Shipper: CCG), $9.75 Canada 5 cent (Shipper: 28 Plain), $13.50 States Pfennigs (Shipper: Me), $4.75 Pfennig Lot (Shipper: Me)


Україна Двi $10 Seated Fake (Shipper: UncleB), $100 US Dollar. (Shipper: Me) :ninja:


I'm gonna use this thread as a tally sheet so I locked it, so it doesn't get confused and lost with other posts.





RED: Denotes PAID.

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I have to apologize to today's winners. It looks like I won't be able to get the items out today. I will have to mail these out when I get back from vacation at which time I will also be requiring payment. Again, my apologies I did not expect we would be leaving earlier than planned.

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