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Lighthouse USB Digital Microscope

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I saw one of these at the New York International and remain tempted even though I have a good stereo. Has anyone taken the plunge and bought on of these?

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I use an AmScope dual-light 10x-60x stereo (steps by 10x) with an Amscope MD35 0.3 Mega Pixel (640x480) Live Video Microscope Digital Camera.


I've been seeing some posts elsewhere about some Lighthouse USB, but haven't paid too much attention since I'm not in the market. :pardon:

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I have a DinoXcope. I find it useful, but I do not use it as much as I thought I would.


Is that just because you have less need for images of close up's of coins than you thought?

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Yes, less use than I thought it would get, but it will pick up when I start into appropriate projects. I find I don't really need it that often but I do use it on occasion since I do not have a steroscope. It really helps when I need close study of a small area. A loupe doesn't really allow the same study. My scope has a polarizer so I can vary the light. I can also turn its LEDs off and use an external light source. Those two features are what really makes it useful across different applications. I can also use it to make measurements, but I rarely have a need for that feature.

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I have a digiscope 2 mega pixel one, for $26.00 plus shipping I find it was worth the money takes decent photo's haven't had time to modify the new stand to hold it. as in addition to the coins I have other things that it will help with metorites, rocks, and minerals, tokens and other small items.

I am happy with mine.

I also use an app for the I phone 5 camera that has a built in zoom/maginfer called camera+ does a nice job and you can just save to your camera roll or photo stream.

This is the one that has my interest and I am thinking about getting one.


Would be great for the dimmly light counter area's in shop collector shops and flea market when the dealers aren't coin, token, or stamp and have poor lighting.

When they are in stock this may be my next hobby purchase.

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