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oldest banknote in collection


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This note was printed in London for the Maryland colony in 1733, it is an unissued remainder from a series that was issued through on original forms until 1754. Subsequent notes were printed in the colony.




Arms of colony on a vignette.




The indenture cut section, these notes in sheets were bound in a book form - when issued they were sliced out in a curved pattern and numbered. When the note was redeemed it was matched with the numbered indentured cut section in the book as a means of positive identification.




I very briefly owned a note that is several hundred years older, from China. But it was appropriated by Her Majesty for Her collection and I will have to inquire of Her as to whether I can display Her ancient note.

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There are approximately 100 or so known examples of these notes, but they were printed in far larger numbers back then. The story goes that they were found under a statue in 1936 and were sold to the crowds of foreigners milling around - so the great majority of them went to Europe or America. I very briefly owned this example before it was requisitioned to a certain VIP's personal collection.

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