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Oldest coin you have found of each denomination


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This is similar to my other thread but this time list all of the denominations of oldest coins/bills that you have found in circulation.


Penny: 1937

Nickel: 1940

Dime: 1948

Quarter: 1957

Half dollar: 1976

Dollar coin: 1979

$1 bill: 2001

$2 bill: n/a

$5 bill: n/a

$10 bill: n/a

$20 bill: 1999

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1c: 1908

5c: 1927

10c: 1946

25c: 1964

50c: 1962

$1: 1971 (no real luck here)



$1: 1957 silver certificate

$2: 1963 US note

$5: 1969B FR note (had within the last year or two)

Nothing of note (no pun intended) above the $5

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Oldest cent - really beaten up 1882 IHC

Oldest nickel worn nearly flat except for the date 1890 Liberty

Oldest dime - 1944

Oldest quarter 1939

Oldest half 1942 back in November

Oldest dollar coin - an 1897 Morgan I got in change at an A&W when I was about 10 years old - the customer in front of me in line had spent it and I bought it from the cashier.


Dollar bills:


$1 Series 1957 SC

$2 Series 1928-B LT

$5 Series 1928-A LT

$10 Series 1934

$20 Series 1928-B

$50 Series 1934

$100 Series 1934

$500 Series 1934-A

$1000 Series 1934


The last two I got from banks back in 2007-8. I live in an area with a lot of older residents and their stuff comes into banks occasionally.

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Penny: 1930

Nickel: 1946

Dime: 1952

Quarter: 1965

Half dollar: 1971

Dollar coin: 1979

$1 bill: 1995

$2 bill: 1976

$5 bill: 1999

$10 bill: 1995

$20 bill: 1988


Not from circulation I have much older pieces.

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