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Need help iding these copies


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Recently after my father died, I have started sorting through his stuff. He wasn't a coin collector like frequent here. He bought what he liked for his own reasons.

The photo of 3 copies of a US coin that has a copy or serial number on each.

I would like to know if they are solid one ounce silver, plated /clad etc. They have the luster as the one ounce liberty's the mint sells. but no proof mark on them.

Since they were purchased for his grand children and himself.

He didn't save the paperwork that came with them. I have no clue to were even to start looking?

Can anybody help?



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Sorry to hear of your grandfather.


As for these privately minted copies, see if there's anything on the rim that may indicate content, but I have a feeling these are silverplate. In any case, the paperwork would generally have no effect on the value of a mass produced repro, especially as these look like something sold in a TV, newspaper, or magazine ad.

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My purpose in wanting the paper work, is for letting my childern know what they are so they can give a correct description, when they go to sell them. If there is a secondary market which like most of the collectible items, not much of one!

They are from the National collectors mint, Still availble from them for Under $20.00, the other thing that I thought was pretty funny. Up in the right corner of the page it has a box saying meet Barry Goldwater Jr.! With the mint phone number and his extension. Is that supposed to inspire confidence in buying from them?That he works there or owns it?


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