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Any French Speakers?

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I'm trying to locate on line collections to search for certrain rare medals. I know there's a large collection in Paris but even with the translated site I have issues navigating the BNF site to search only the numismatic collection versus all the manuscripts and images as well. Is there someone who could help point me to what I need to do to narrow that search?



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Good grief, they've really messed it up. I just spent 20 minutes trying to search for specific medals in the collection and got nowhere. It does note that the site is "under construction," but that doesn't mean the search functions have to be so onerous. I'll give it a try again in a bit when I have more time. Is there any specific piece you're looking for? It might help focus the search.

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I'm looking for medals of Jean-Baptiste Daniel Dupuis in museum and national collections. Specifically I'm looking for some rare types I have rarely if ever seen but I'm also hoping for some more in depth information on a few rare types I do have. When I tried that site I could only find one medal of Jules Grevy but I know they have more in the collection. I tried that Simbad contact the staff as well but that seemed like a black hole. Thanks again for checking.

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