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Oldest circulation banknotes


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ok here's mine


a bank pack of 50 $1 Silver Certificates various dates


$2 Red Seal 1928 series F, 2 1963


$5 Red Seal 1928 Series B, C, 1953 Series A

$5 Silver Certificates 1953 (2)

$5 1950 Sreies A and B, 1969 Series C


$10 1934 Series A (Lime Green error note)


$20 1950 Series B, 1969

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Here are some pictures of some of my better bank finds from the last few months:




Next is a bad iPod picture - but the earliest notes are Series 1928 FRN's and Legal Tenders, the earliest SC's are Series 1934:




All of those five dollar bills had been sitting in the teller's drawer for over two years as she was not wild about giving them out in withdrawals because she believed people would think they were counterfeit or something.


Here is another bad iPod picture from an October 2012 haul:




Over the past few years I have found maybe a dozen or so like this one:




Here is one from about 3-4 years ago:




And now some rare finds:




The last in this post was from a small two branch bank in rural Northern California back in 2010:



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nice haul i Like the 1934 $50 with lime green ink error


I don't believe the light green seal/serial number are any error, that was a type. Both light green and dark green were issued.


I am amazed at and impressed with Scottishmoney's circulation finds.

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From circulation? 1999 and I didn't keep it becase it was a 20 :sorry:

But the oldest that I HAVE is a German 1909.


Where I am usually the notes aren't really old, mostly new (I have a few $20 notes of 2012, polymer).


The oldest that I have is a 1 dollar bill of Michigan, 1830s.

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