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Some interesting world coins


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Been veering off my usual hunt as some of the coins that I've been looking out for are getting a bit too expensive.


First up is Argentina 2 centavos. I like the color of it




Second is Uzbekistan 1999 10 som. Seems to be unusually difficult coin to find. Think Uzbekistan's 1 som has been voted to be the world's most worthless circulating coin.




Third is an interesting pattern coin from Poland.




Lastly a set of tokens from Tatarstan. These come in three, one bread token and two petroleum tokens, struck in copper and nickel-copper.




Hope you find them interesting. I'm sure you have recently accquired some awesome coins too - please feel free to show them!

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I get the same way going through the foreigns bin at my LCS -- "oo, neat!" is a subset of my collection. I've been taken with Polish coin design for years -- some of the most dramatic coin designs were minted during the People's Republic years. The Skłodowska-Curie centenary 10 złoty comes to mind, for example. That FAO piece is one I definitely have not seen before!

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