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A Bright Red Quarter?!


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For a short while as a teen I hung out at an arcade and worked for free for the guy that owned it to learn about the mech's It was a common practice so they could check on the pillfering of the change when empting the coin boxes when the own wasn't there. He caught a couple of guys skimming as they MTed the boxes.

I always have kept any I come across in change.

IMG_0088.JPG They also did it in some classes for local school projects back in the day when the change tended to stay in the neighborhood. I pointed out to a teacher at the building I worked at. That it doesn't work today, since the stores don't keep a lot of change around and tend to make depoists every couple of days.

Plus today in an area like Detroit with the casino's and the amount of change, changing hands if you will. It is likely to move out of the area.


The bank teller I know said that is the reason they nop longer get the dollar coins when they are issued. Presidental and others. As the volume of coinage for daily use from the casino's is so high. They have a storage problem for the coins at the armored car companies. Like across the country I understand that it is costing the gov. billons in fees to keep the coins that aren't being used.

Red paint,brown paint,black sharpie,and of course red nail polish.

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