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World numismatics record that's worth mentioning?


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I've been interested in numismatics, mints that have some bragging rights for instance world's largest gold coin, world's first platinum circulating coin, world's first bi-metal, tri-metal etc.


Here's some of my thoughts:


World's largest gold coin record trend: http://lunaticg.blogspot.com.au/2011/11/worlds-biggest-gold-coin.html


World's first platinum coin was officially struck for circulation - Russia 1828 3 ruble


World's first tantalum (bimetal + silver) coin - Kazakhstan 2006 500 tenge


World's first antimony coin - China 1931 Kweichow 10 cash


World's first palladium coin - Sierra Leone 1966, set of 3 coins


World's first titanium coin - Gibraltar 1999 5 pounds


And so on. List can also be the world's most expensive coin of it's catagory. Would like to see interesting records.

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With the odd metal or aloy coins I'd only count the one's made for circulation not any that were for collectors only. The topic is good, don't forget about the smallest. I think I have a good contestant for the smallest amount of gold in a coin.

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