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Identifying Fake from Genuine - Straits Settlements 1904 Dollar coins

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There has been some fake Straits Settlement coins been posted for sale on eBay earlier, and I feel for those who buys them not knowing. One sold recent for $78 with 8 bidders going after it.


The seller in no way committed to it been genuine but just lists it as “1904 Silver???” and commented not knowing much about it. (Just selling off his old coins) So it is left to the buyers to decide. Well, he could be ignorant and been a victim himself along the way, and now a buyer cum seller.


Anyway, so much on that; my intention for posting is in the hope to share some points in identifying a fake Straits Settlement King Edward VII Dollar coin from a genuine so that collectors in this forum will not fall victims. I have yet to come across a fake Kg Edward Dollar close to the genuine coin to-date other than these coins seen circulating. It will be delight getting hold of one high grade fake.


Followings first two illustrating images are the visible flaws which one can be easily identified at first glance from the images posted by a seller. The other flaws can only be verified if you have the coins in hand.


Illustration 1: Obverse face of the coin



  • The rim of the fake is thicker from the edge to the teeth compare to the genuine which is narrower, as indicate by “Arrow 1” This will be much more obvious on the reversed face.
  • “Arrow 2” The artist's initials “DES” (George de Saulles) below bust is missing
  • “Arrow 3” The face are uneven and sunken (Visible in hand)

Illustration 2: Reverse face of the coin



  • Again, you will see the thick rim (“Arrow 4”) when compared to the genuine and the edge looks and the face area is likewise sunken (“Arrow 5”)

Illustration 3: Side view of the coin’s edge (These is visible if you have the coin in hand)



  • The thickness of the genuine coin’s edge is constant all around whereas the fakes are inconsistent. They are narrower also.
  • The field of the genuine coin is even, whereas the fakes, its field is uneven
  • Silver coins do not attach itself to a magnet, but the fake does as it is made of ferrous (iron) materials.

Hope this posting is useful and a help to some


Happy collecting!

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