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World Coins Lots Recommendations


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My two boys have gotten into attributing world coins, and I don't have a whole lot of loose ones lying around anymore. I'm sure some lots are better than others and I'm hoping list members have some tips on who or what to look for or look out for. Variety of types and countries would be the major consideration right now. Any recommendations?

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First recommendation -- go after a few of Colin's auctions/sale lots here. Never has there been a better bargain.

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Better idea would be to simply ask him if he can do you up with a deluxe lot with plenty to go through. I haven't bought anything from him for years, but the few times I did buy from him, I was very happy with what I received.

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Look out for creating a series. For instance, you decide to collect series of the Silver Peace Dollar. When you have Peace Dollar for each mint date from 1921 to 1935, you have completed the series.

You could also look out for key date coins. These coins are those which are either last in the series or have a specific combination of the mint date and mint mark which is rare to find.

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