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Hello, I am a new member to this site, as well as new to numismatic websites and coin collecting. I am looking for individuals that would be interested in trading with me. I am in need of a roll or two of 1982 Zinc Small Date Philadelphia pennies. But if I understand the rules correctly, I am unable to post a request like this until I have submitted a certain number of other posts and have been a member for at least 30 days. Does anyone know of a better way for me to go about this? I am unsure of the right way to connect with other collectors that would be willing to trade with me? I have a fairly wide assortment of coins that others might be interested in as trade for the pennies I am looking for. I would appreciate any advice on this issue.

Thank You.

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Many discussion boards have a minimum time requirement prior to posting advertising threads (be they to buy, sell, or trade) to basically permit you to get to know the members there, and for them to know you, a kind of safety check both ways, and it encourages camaraderie :-)

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Please note that if Colin means send PMs to people -- that's considered spam and you would be banned from the site for it.

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