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Some tougher Soviet 5 kopek coins


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WCO, I think it's a lot easier to talk about it than trying to find the mentioned key dates. Sure I would like to upgrade the coins but I can always sell them off later when I find a better example. At the same time, UNC conditons of these coins probably will cost a small fortune.


From my experience, it does not hurt to buy poor grade key date coins as long as they are priced right. Wait till a few years later and they become very very unaffordable even in damaged condition. But again, this is my opinion - I'll rather have a complete collection even in poor grade instead of having holes. I can always upgrade them when opportunity arises. So far I am not regretting this decision and wished I bought some other tough key dates.

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I did not comment the way you collect your coins, anyone can collect whatever he wants. I just said that finding those 3 coins in choice condition is difficult. Some people with enough money would want to buy those 3 coins in choice grade but unable to locate them. With couple more exceptions (like 1926 5 Kopecks in Proof and 1927 5 Kopecks) the rest of 5 Kopecks is quite easy, just possible to buy for whatever money.



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