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Question regarding grading silver roubles

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Good day. I am not so knowledgeable of the grading and evaluation part and I intend to sell part of my silver coins so first I'd like to learn the ropes and the lingo. Actually I want to sell some of the modern coins so as to purchase older coins as I discovered that I's more into hammered coins that into nicely shaped ones.

I would much appreciate some oppinions about these 3 very nice roubles. The one from 1842 seems to have a die crack of some sort. Is this a good thing or not? Would you say these are XF+, XF, VF+, VF...





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Here's my .002 :

1. Obv.vf+ rev xf edge damage as well

2. Obv. Vf rev vf appears to have been cleaned. Hairlines ( many) on obverse

3. Obv xf+ rev near au nice strike.


I think #3 is a very appealling coin. Nonetheless, I don't have a Krausse front of me for info. I recently sold an 1813 rouble that went au obv unc rev. Uneven wear, albeit slight, seems common on the large silver.

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