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I wonder who remembers this one


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I'm wondering how many of you remember this beauty from PCI2010. Absolutely gorgeous.


elverno's 1812 Loge de l'ardente amitié de Rouen, France


All Masonic medals from the Napoleonic era qualify as RR+. This one hails from the collection of Prince Victor Napoleon, sometimes known as Napoleon V to supporters. His collection came in part from Napoleon I's personal collection but there's no indication in this pieces' provenance as to when and where to came into his collection.


Marvin's book on Masonic medals describes it as follows:


"Obverse, On the left, an altar surrounded by a garland, and having on it three burning hearts. At the foot of the altar are the square, compasses, level, and plumb. Above, on the right, a radiant triangle. In exergue, ARDENTE AMITIE O.-. DE ROUEN. in two lines.

Reverse, A leafless tree, over which an ivy vine has grown. Legend, LA MORT MEME NE L'EN A PAS SEPARE. [Death itself has not separated them.] This is an octagonal jeton, and was probably struck about 1812. Silver. Size 20."

His sizes were in sixteenths of an inch.

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