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CONTINENTAL DOLLAR RESTRIKES an HK 852a Sold for $173 in 2008

Photos courtesy of Stack's Rare Coins, New York, NY
Obv. Within circle, sun dial, sun rays to upper left; below, Mind Your / Business; within this circle and an outer one, Fugio to l and the sun; outside, around, Continental Currency; below, 1776; beaded border.
Rev. We / are / One within small center circle; between this and second circle, American • Congress •; rays; outside, around, a chain of circles, on each the name of one of the 13 original states; beaded border.
HK-852 Silver. 38mm. Only 50 struck, according to John W. Haseltine.
HK-852a Silver. Bashlow restrike. Small S on reverse.
HK-852b Gold. 40.5mm to 41mm. 56.8 grams.
HK-853 Copper. Slightly less than 4mm. thick.
HK-853a Bronze. Bashlow restrike.
HK-854 White Metal. Thickness, 3mm.
HK-854a White Metal. Bowers restrike.
HK-855 Pewter. Approximately 4mm. thick. Sometimes listed as tin.
HK-856 Lead. Slightly more than 2mm. thick.
HK-856a Goldine. Bashlow restrike.
NOTE: In 1962, 7,200 White Metal restrikes were issued by the current owners of the dies, Empire Coin Company, owned by Q. David Bowers. The medals were minted by John Pinches & Sons, Ltd., of England. Empire Coin die varieties can be attributed by a small die gauge above the O of Continental in the denticles and a diagonal scratch below the C in Continental. Empire Coin Company then sold the dies to Robert Bashlow, who produced 2,000 Silver, 3,000 Goldine and 5,000 Bronze restrikes, together with "a few trial pieces in various metals." He later announced that "dies have already been donated to the Smithsonian Institution..." Thickness of these White Metal restrikes is approximately 2 1/2mm. as compared with 3mm. thickness of Dickeson piece, No. 854. Silver restrikes by Bashlow have small S on reverse and are approximately 2 3/4 mm. in thickness (no S on No. 852); Goldine and Bronze restrikes are approximately 2 1/2 thick. Bashlow restrikes are identified by a die gauge between the C and O in Continental.

I picked up a decent example of the 2000 silvers struck. Interesting Piece.

BASHLOW CC 999 1962 2000 struckSMALL.jpg

BASHLOW CC 999 1962 2000 struckSMALL2.jpg

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Very nice coin and terrific information. I take it that restrikes are a major interest for you.

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Thanks Art,

Apologies for the delay, missed the notice..

  I do a lot of metal detecting, found an unauthenticated CC coin and that's what sparked my interest in the series.

Also have recovered many period counterfeit coins, from George II Brits to Mid 19th C US issues.

 I'd guess the combination of these is why I'm always on the lookout for nice repros.

Not interested in the common 'Tourist' pieces, but the ones that are well made and considered collectable by some.

  I also have an 'Evans' restrike of the 1788 Mass Half Cent. from what I've gathered he was a coin dealer from Springfield Ma,

and struck these pieces in the 1940s. Don't know how many were produced, I have not seen any other than mine. Note the small 'E' above North Star, Like the 'S' near the rim of the CC. 

Odd the black lines aren't visible in hand...


                                Best wishes to you,   Herbie


MASS HC 1788 EVANS SPFLD MA 1940 002 SMALL.jpg

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