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Unknown coin with Elizabeth, dated 1564


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Hi all,



Several years ago I received a coin, showing Elizabeth on the obverse and an English/British coat of arms on the reverse.


It is dated 1564.


The obverse legend says: ELIZABETH . D . G . ANG FRA . ET . HIB . REGINA *

The reverse legend says: POSVI DEVM . ADIUTOREM . MEUM


The coin is 25.8 mm in diameter, thickness is 0.75 mm. I do not know its weight.The coin is slightly bent, not entirely flat.



http://www.treasurer...beth_I-003.html points to a Elizabeth I sixpence (bottom of the page) that looks quite like it, but mine appears too modern... So I have serious doubts whether mine is real or that it is a later reproduction.


Anyone with some knowledge on coins of that era who can shed some light?


[edit] found my callipers, updated the dimensions of the coin.[/edit]



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I found another website, showing this coin: http://museumvictoria.museum/collections/items/52509/coin-sixpence-elizabeth-i-england-great-britain-1564


This one looks an awfull lot like the one I have...


The color on the photographs on that site resembles the actual color of my coin better than my own pictures :unsure:

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The diameter is close to what I found on that other website. I measured 25.8 mm, that site mentions 25 mm.


I cannot determine the weight properly, as I do not have a scale that is sensitive enough.This coin is pretty thin (0.75 mm) and thus quite light.


The edge is plain.

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I took it with me to work today, we have a mail scale there, but it's got not enough resolution, can only show whole grammes. the digital indicator toggled between 1 and 2 gram, but I have no idea how accurate it is in that area, as the lowest value it can indicate is 1 g.

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