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When Cracking A Slab Goes Wrong (Educational Purposes)

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Some of you have seen videos of me freeing coins out of the imprisonment of slabs devil.gif And as I always mention, I don't recommend people doing it without knowing that there is a risk that comes with it if done. I also advice people NOT to try it on expensive coins unless you know of a method which is 100% accurate that no damage will happen to the coin.


Well, I also say that I have messed up coins before but you have not seen that part of "behind the scenece" while cracking a slab. With that said. This topic is for educational purposes only. And I will show you how quick cracking a slab can go wrong, no matter how much experience you have in doing this.


I bought 2 40% Kennedys I needed for my Dansco album.


This is what those 2 coins look like now, out of the slab that kept them imprisoned baaa.gif



Now for the "educational" part of this topic. I was embarrassed to show the video of the horrible risk you will be taking while attempting to crack a coin out of a slab. However, I figured it would also be good to show as there are no videos out there showing what can happen if you attempt to do this. I think it is good to watch and you might learn something out of it and maybe even help out in finding other, more safer and accurate ways to cracking them open without the risk (if possible). So with no further ado, here is a video of what happened to one of the slabs while cracking it open using the new method I found. stickwhack.gif


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Interesting. I've never cracked a coin our of its slab and have no plans to do so in the future but that's still some good advice to be aware of. Thanks.

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Twelve points out of ten for self-restraint. Even with kids present, I don't know that I could've limited myself to "There goes the freaking coin." :)

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