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Early Indian coins – ID assistance please!


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I have tried to identify the symbols on these AE15 coins. I believe one symbol to be a Bodi tree in an enclosure with an adjacent Swastika. A three-arched hill (chaitya) with crescent. There is a possible Ujjain symbol with circles within circles .

I understand that these symbols may represent events in Buddhas life. The coins may be from Sri Lanka or Magadha in northern India. I would appreciate any help with identification.

Elephant coin 2.3gr 13.2-14.5mm 2mm thick axis 7hr

Ujjain symbol with circles in circles 2.7gr 14.7-16.5mm 2.1mm thick axis (as pictured) 12hr

The remaining 14.3-15.3mm, 2.3mm thick, axis (as in picture) 12hr. 3.0gr


AE18 Elephant.jpg

AE18 Flower.jpg

AE18 Tree.jpg

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