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What's on top of your coin bucket list?

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So we were having a discussion over in the Asylum about what coins are at the tops of our Coin Bucket Lists and we felt we should move the discussion here. So


Here's the top coin on my Coin Bucket List


1909S Indian Head Cent XF45 (or better)




1909S IHC XF45BN NGC obv.JPG by UGotaHaveArt, on Flickr




1909S IHC XF45BN NGC rev.JPG by UGotaHaveArt, on Flickr


Image borrowed from ebay as I don't have one in my collection to photograph


So let's see your's??

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Holy cats, just *one* coin? I guess I'd have to go with either an unc 39D Jeff (T1 or T2), or an early Jeff proof ('42 or before), with a slight preference for the 42P.

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i want one of those.

but Charles I newark seige shilling (diamond shape)


do have a few rare (and 1 unique so far anyway) coins.

but it would be those 2, or some english medieval gold.

all WAY out of my pricerange

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