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1839 SP Russia 3 R Proof coming up for auction


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What are your thoughts regarding this piece?






From the auction


Rußland Nikolaus I. 1825 - 1855 Platin 3 Rubel 1839 St. Petersburg, Fr. 143, Sev. 630, GM 287. We have been able to document four

specimens of this date and believe that the existence of other pieces is very unlikely. The following is a list of the known specimens in

chronoligical order of their appearance. 1. Grand Duke George Michailovitsch,

Corpus # 287 tres rare", plate XVIII Nr. 6. This piece has the "C" counterstamp of Emmerich Hutten-Cszapski between the eagles´ heads.

It was missing from the 1939 Hess, Luzern catalog of the Grand Duke´s gold and platinum coins and is presumed to be in the Hermitage. 2. Count J.J. Tolstoi, Hess, Frankfurt auction March 1913, Lot 1623.

This piece was part of a three piece 1839 proof set which was cataloged as purchased from the St. Petersburg Mint and the only set known. 3. Hermitage Duplicates Auction, Hess,

Frankfurt, February 1931, Lot 1092. Described as VF and of Highest Rarity, pictured and obvisouly very worn. 4. Hess-Leu Auction Nr. 39, Luzern, Dezember 1968, Lot # 392.

A three piece 1839 proof set of 3,6,12 rubles all with "AK" countermark on the edge. This was esimated at 40.000 Swiss Francs and sold for 61.000 Swiss Francs, an astronomical

price for 1968. This specimen is the Count J.J. Tolstoi piece, the only specimen which is not countermarked or worn. As the finest specimen of the RAREST date it is arguably the

ultimate platinum three ruble piece. With a mintage of only a few coins, this is certainly one of the rarest and most desireable russian coins. PF63"







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Doesn't seem to match the Tolstoi plate coin - at least on a first look. Markings and denticle patterns appear to be different, but who knows. Tolstoi is a 1913 photo, and this one is in a slab. I'd just do a very careful comparison and get provenance proof (if available) before paying any kind of big money.

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Previous Lot 654 from sale looks like not authentic coin and countermark.


I believe only 3 coins with trial countermark exist struck on coins of Catherine II and Alexander I .

Two listed in Uzdenikov and Bitkin and third coins in article “Staraya Moneta" Journal from 1910-1912 currently unknown location.



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