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Standing Liberty Quater? need help identifying


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Hello all!


I admittingly know very little to nothing about coins, so I'm seeking whomever reads this advice.

I found this the other day, I am very curious about it. The condition isn't great, and the year seems to of worn off..

As you can see in the picture there is an "S" on the standing liberty side. (I guess SF?)


Thank you to all who can help me, and if you have an idea of an aprox value (if any) please let me know!

coin side1.jpg

coin side2.jpg

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You're dead on so far! As you said, the year has worn off and it was minted in San Francisco. I don't know the value off the top of my head but I'm guessing in the $10 range. Maybe more! These are much loved coins and I hope you enjoy yours. Thanks for sharing and welcome to Coinpeople.com!

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There are some diagnostic areas that can indicate the first year type1, etc. But that's not an area I have much knowledge about. Hang in there, someone will be along to help.

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