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Silver Japanese 1 yen. Fake or not question.


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Hey men, got this one for you to have fun with it. I think it is modern reproduction, but it looks a bit better than other fakes I've seen online. Can you point out what is wron with it? I cannot weigh it yet, have to get scales, but I know it does not sticks to magnet and sounds more "full" on the flick test than metal coin. I know the big thing that makes me think that it is fake is that reverse and observe do not line up. I took the pictures exactly the same way so you can see the misalighnment.

Than you for your help.


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It can be a very rare unaligned coin or a cheap. The biggest issue that I have is that it has almost no worn out parts, it reminds me of the old Chinese dollar copies. I'm not expert in Japanese coins though, it's what I think.

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Thanks guys! I was about 99% sure it is, just because of the place I got it from. It is Korean pawn shop, where guy sells Ipads for $800 and Kennedy half dollar for $200. This ones were $5 each, but it looked like a silver coin. I bought it as a fake just to do coin trick etc. But thought I ask you guys just in case.

Thank you again!

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The coin is a fake, I have an identical one, but I did not pay and I would not pay for a fake coin. I keep it for educational purposes.

In Romania there is an abundance of fake coins, even romanian coins are mass-counterfited in China... It is unfortunate for people that fall for these "coins".

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