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Russian Numismatic Society in America


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Reaching out to the present members of RNS.

We are in the process of the reviving the journal and re-establishing memberships.

Please get in touch by writing a personal message through the forum.

We also welcome new members!

Russian Numismatic Society has been around since 1979.

The journal society publishes is world class and is respected by many scholars of numismatics.

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Hi IgorS, I checked the website ( http://russiannumismaticsociety.org ), and just wondering if there are any news on current status of RNS, and if there are any plans on publishing another issue. I am finishing an article on 1802 2 kopecks that I am working on with co-author from Russia, a collector who supplied a lot of images towards Kazbek Temiraev's 2012 catalog. If there is an opportunity to print it in the journal, I'd translate it in English.

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Hi Eugene. No immediate plans for the next Journal. I am sure there will be an interest in your article in one of the Russian numismatic publications. Good luck!

Since I am not familiar with your work on 2 kopeks of 1802 - what gave you an idea to create yet another article on 1802 2 kopeks? Were there shortcomings in the prior works?

Is there a new discovery?

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The collector of these coins in Russia has discovered an overstrike that confirms the former existance of ones with EM under the eagle. Not the first one, but the most interesting:




the article will be printed in August issue of Peterburg Collector.

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Eugene, could you please enlarge the article? If I click on it it says that I don't have access to that external link. :shock:

Are you aware of the 2kop1802EM overstrike over EM in the 1997 Bakken/Brekke update?

Thank you,




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I can not show the whole article here, as it is yet to be printed, but I'll show you the pictures. This is not a new discovery, and it may as well be in 1997 Bakken/Brekke update (I don't have it), but the actual coin that has best looking leftover signs has been discovered by the author (I am a co-author with equal rights to the article) and a collector of these coins. Over the years he collected some very interesting examples of 1802 2 kopecks, and I helped him to organize his findings into the article, contributing my analysis and writing skills. We identified 3 types of 2 kopecks with EM under eagle, and presented them and their reconstruction. This is his overstrike coin:




And this one (last) is a very rare die error, with dots on the top of nominal:




Also, we believe the original reverse dies were kept for future strikes, after the EM were added under the year. Previous assumption was that they were destroyed.




It also supports the idea that EM and the dot after the year were on original master-dies, that dies were made from, and that the coins with ghostly EM under the eagles are made with die, made from original master-dies that had EM and later dot, removed, etc. etc...


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