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Unknown hammered brass coin/token poss. 1608, any ideas?

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Hi all, this is my first post on here and basically I would like help identifying this coin or token which I found recently. I haven't found anything quite like it before and cannot find any thing very similar online. The closest similar style of coin in brass was a spanish token but that was only vaguely similar.

This coin appears to have 2 shields besides one another possibly crowned on the front with blurry writing? around it.

The other side has a date, I think 1608 but maybe 1600 and above that some very clear leaves on a vine.

Any ideas or even similar items I could research would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your time, Mike

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French jeton. Écus de France et de Navarre entourés du double collier, that is, shields of France & Navarre within the double collar of st. Michael.


This type http://www.cgb.fr/lo...t_128608,a.html




Happy hunting.


EDIT this is it http://monnaies.delc...language,F.html



HENRICVS. IIII. Francorum. AND. NAVAR. REX. the centre top image.


HIS TE TVA GALLIA DONAT 1608. by Nicolas Briot. #5


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