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January 10 New York Sale Results


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Next time they should try some good old fashioned Samogon! :rofl:


They should do testing rounds before the auction and sell it after... ;)


1134 didn't sell


That's strange. I put my bid on it via SixBids - $1060... The strange thing is that I can not find my bid on SixBids now... Steve, when you say it didn't sell, does that mean no one bade on it in the room, or did they remove it from auction? I wonder how sixbids works with NY Sales? I haven't registered with the NY sale, but bade via SixBids, did I have to be registered with them directly as well, or it doesn't matter? Sorry, too many questions from me today...

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Thank you Steve for your info. Too bad for me... Something must have gone wrong with my bid. I didn't get confirmation e-mail from Sixbids or auction house. I never used Sixbids for bidding before, only for search, always dealt with auction houses directly. I liked that coin very much. Do you know what happens to unsold lots?

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If it didn't sell (and you'd need to confirm first) I'd think you can probably get it for $800+commission (but am not sure). However no bids *may* be a warning sign so take a careful look. Or maybe the price was too high? I'm not an expert on Novodels of that series so have no opinion. If you still want it, send Dmitry Markov an email.


Sixbid is next to worthless in my experience. I've had whole sets of bids for an auction submitted 'successfully' well in time for the auction, got the sixbid confirmation email, and then it's like nothing ever happened.


It happened most recently with Münzen & Medaillen GmbH . I got the confirmation email from Sixbid then nothing. Münzen & Medaillen GmbH :angry: won't even answer repeated email inquiries so I'd stay away from them too. Strange, because most German firms are extremely helpful and polite.

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I think I will stay away from Sixbids for bidding from now on. Steve, I've sent Markov an e-mail. We'll see what happens... My next question will probably interest others too - what did you buy this time? Karl, what do you think about this Novodel? :) Cheerio!

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