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Le vote universel nous le donne.

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When the future Napoleon III returned from England and was elected President of the Republic, the monarchists, who controlled the government, saw him as a temporary measure & were forcing him from office at the end of his term in 1852 & voted to restrict suffrage so as to retain their power in hopes of restoring a Monarchy. After Louis-Napoleon seized power in a coup in 1851 he re-instituted universal suffrage. On 7 November 1852 an act was passed for a referendum which, when held(Nov. 21-22), ended the 2nd Republic & ushered in the 2nd Empire with President Louis-Napoleon Bonaparte being crowned Emperor Napoleon III on 2nd December 1852.


This medal commemorates the fact that universal suffrage led to "The Empire it is Peace" & Napoleon III becoming Emperor on the 2nd December 1852.


Compare to this from Forvm Ancient Coins.





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