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Found a bag of coins

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Just joined after finding a small bag of older coins, many of them from other countries. What is the best way to find their worth or find someone I can trust to look them over. One man suggested I leave them with him for a week, but I did not feel comfortable doing that. One is 1960 second queen Elizabeth Hong Kong 1960 silver dollar! One looks to be a penny, copper, but much smaller. I think it says Gusta Adolfi with some kind of crown and a small number one in the center? Have a couple of what I think are Greek bills also? Thanks

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Welcome to Coin People, Pam. I agree it's not a good idea to leave anything with a dealer without knowing him very well (and knowing exactly what you have given him).


We can help with identifying your coins and bills. You will need to photograph them, or scan them on a scanner, and then upload the images to a site like Photobucket that lets you store images online. Then you can post your pictures on this site by copying the URL for the image and clicking on the "image" button in the reply panel and pasting the URL into the box.

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You can also go to a library and borrow a Krause World Coins Guide book or any similar book that they have and look at the pictures to find what you have and get some idea of value. You could also check ebay but that's a lot more work unless you can isolate the coin a bit like country, year, denomination....


Welcome to CoinPeople and I hope that we can help you.

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As Frank and Art have suggested, feel free to post a picture - valuations can often be done quickly simply by eyeballing to see if anything merits research (most don't) - anyone needing a week is likely too busy (or inexperienced) to meet your needs.


Most likely you have some coins that were saved by someone who found them interesting, with the foreign ones being leftover money from trips abroad.


The silver-tone 1960 Hong Kong $1 (which is made of a nickel alloy) was used until the late 1970s and is pretty common - a nice mint condition one can be had for under $10, and most circulated ones can be had quite reasonably.

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