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Any ideas on a rough grade?

Obviously really difficult without the coin in hand.

Pictures are not great!


Its a complicated question but,


Over a 100 year timescale from now, any ideas on how collector value would appreciate.

I buy coins because I like them.

But I'm trying to find out if having many low value coins opposed few high value coins is better.

Is it a safer investment.

For example coins like these crowns if you shop around its possible to buy under spot price. Surely as an investment the profit margins are higher buying under spot price precious metal coins un graded.

These two purchased in Paris amongst many other coins were not expensive.


Let's say you have 5000 pounds and wanted to make an investment or to buy coins for your own pleasure. After the 100 years would you be in a better situation


If you had 166 coins roughly worth 30 pounds per coin, giving your Original 5k investment.


Or would you be more comfortable 10 coins worth 500 pounds each!?


It would be interesting to see a graph of collector value vs spot value. These crown are conveniently 28 grams so around 40 of them is a kilo of Silver.



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Hi there.


You pose a good question that many collectors I guess have, or at least should ask themselves.


Whether it's worth building a large collection of inexpensive coins or a small collection of high value coins.


From my personal experience I'd go with the latter.


I built up a significant collection of coins which over time became difficult to manage (some 7 medium size albums + another 9 inherited), also having two young children cut away at my free time. I also asked myself if one day, my kids would want to continue collecting or simply sell them off. Since, a collection may be for your own pleasure but at some point you will part with it. Who gets it? Will they understand anything about the hobby? Can they easily sell it and get good money? All these questions I asked and I finally chose to go with fewer coins but of higher value.


Depending on your lifestyle, preferences you've got to make your choice.


In 100 years they will obviously have gained in value, but most probably as an investment you'd be much better off investing in something else. If you have the time check my blog on my website where I discuss the investment matter in a little more detail and briefly touch on the issue of precious metal content.


You're two coins appear to be VF from the photos.


Best wishes, but don't spend the 5K on cheap coins, at least coins with numismatic value - high value that is will always attract buyers who have significant disposable income to not just want them, but buy them too!

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