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Hi there.


I am almost certain that thoose 5 chinese coins are fakes or replicas. But i do want a second opinion before I'll throw them away, or use them for decoration.

Bild 303.jpgBild 304.jpg

This first one is the only one I've paid anything for and not more than 6 euro. I found it interesting enough to try to find out anything about it. This Fujian (Taiwan) military payment coin should be silver, wich this obviously is not. I suppose it is some kind of replica.


Bild 305.jpgBild 306.jpg

The Wang Mang spade coin has wrong dimensions 54 mm long and 19 mm width at the top.

The Zhong yi liang shi si yi zhu is 35 mm in diameter as it should but looks too nice.


Bild 583.jpgBild 584.jpg

Thoose two tongyu and guangxu coins, Boo Yon must surely be replicas or playmoney.


I am grateful for a second opinion from anyone.



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