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Please help us identify this coin


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well i can find a lot of coins that look like it but none that are exactly the same. i posted it up on a second site as well and they found one that i have already found but the k and a are in different places on my coin. i don’t know if these type of coins have variations or what but my father has quite a large coin collection and i am just trying to figure a estimated worth so he can get it insured.

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Probably a variant, close to this type:


Corinth, Greece, 405 - 345 B.C.

Silver stater, Pegasi I 354/2 variety, Corinth mint, ca. 8.20g, 20.5mm, 180°,

obverse Pegasos flying right, koppa below;

reverse head of Athena (or Aphrodite) right wearing Corinthian helmet, ornamented trident behind, K - A across fields, Calciati notes this type as a variety of 354/2, which has KA right.



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Yeah, Arminius is right...on the page above look for Pegesi 353 / BMC Corinth 360 - Trident / KA


The KA is located on either side of the bust unlike yours. If I were you I would post a decent picture of it on Forum Ancient Coins to get an opinion.

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