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BKB Always Warns Against Overstrikes...

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It is true that one has to be more and more alert :unsure: but I also think that they are astonishingly similar but not alike.

Compare the 64 of the date.




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No, just saw a post on a Russian forum, and thought it would be a good idea to warn you.


Looking at it again I do notice that the tail is overlapping more of the "under" E on the top coin than it is on the second coin. Perhaps that was a false alarm.


But seems very suspicious to have such similar overstrikes turn up.

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I think on some Russian forums they deem more coins to be fakes than they really should, even without any hard evidence, simply by the majority vote. The reason for that is that they want to be liked by "oldies". Making a mistake of sticking out for a genuine coin if in the end one of moderators will say it's a fake coin, may cost them their reputation, so they often say that coin is a fake (simply because they don't like it for some mysterious reason, that they have difficulty voicing [which is OK sometimes, if you say "I don't like it" and don't say "I don't like it so it must be a fake"]) hoping for moderator to correct them. If no moderator interjects, the coin, which may in fact be a genuine coin, is deemed to be a fake by a majority incompetent vote. This is my observation. The coins that Alex presented here, in my opinion are genuine enough, in spite of them being so similar, which is unusual, but that's about it. Thank you Alex for sharing though. I find CFN for example full of useful information...

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I see the difference the most in the "E" in the mintmark which on one coin is completely separated from St. George and the Dragon and not so on the second, the tassel on the top of St. George is clearly visible on the second and muddled/worn on the first and where the overstrike occurs on the K of kopeck you can see different strikes more clearly than the other parts.

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