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Soviet era coins now commanding new prices


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I thought 1970 5 kopek is the key date to the entire Soviet coins other than varieties of 1991 and 1958 but this price got me quite shocked.






I think I can put a stop in collecting Soviet coins for quite a long time. :grin:


I'm just missing the 1966 10 kopek and the 1990 M 10 kopek for this type. Other denominations can wait I guess...

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The price for the 1970 15k according to the catalog is suggested tobe at 8500 ruble, which is around 300 dollars (give and take). It's still a lot higher for what it was sold for.


Personally I would like to close all these holes as much as I can but the prices have gone absolutely crazy. For instance, all the 1 ruble coins from 1961-1991 is supposedly doable for about 10 dollars each (average). Turns out this is not the case especially late 60s and 70s. I have just recently completed this set. There are some coins that are 'common' but they just don't appear anywhere! For instance, I have been looking for 1991 50k (M) and 1966 10 kopek for a while.


I have also JUST completed the 3 kopek coin from 1924 - 1991 except 1958. Waiting for two coins to come in at the moment. :) This has been one of the tougher coin set to be completed. Price wise, you would think it's easier to complete 1k or 2k (except for a couple of rarer coins) but this wasn't the case.

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Пломбир (Russian ice-cream)? I never collected Soviet coins especially, always Tzarist Russian coins. Only some uncommon (for circulation) once that were obvious for a kid, that they were reasonably uncommon. But I did have the 1970 coins (in brass), since they were my birth-year coins...

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Hello everyone


First visit to this site in the 90s and noughties (2000-5) I obtained quantities of Russian coins dating from 1700 approx to 1970s. The better ones I had slabbed like the commemoratice roubles from the 19th century and the values are fairly easy to find on sixbid or individual and mainly US auction sites like Heriatage and Stacks Bowers.


The reason this message on this thread is as follows;


I also acquired a set of coins from Bank of Foreign Trade of the USSR Commemorative 1 Rouble Copper NIckel Coins containing five coins in Proof strike from 1965 until 1977.


Do anyone of you out these knoiw how many of these were struck (in the box as well as possible), who they were issued to and of course not least of all, where they are (have been offered) and what prices paid.


I live in Indonesi a and am ready to help members of this forum if visiting my sunny isles.


Thanks in advance!



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Well, if Soviet-era issues are commanding higher prices, that news hasn't hit the bourse. There were still plenty of kopeks in the bargain bins, and I didn't see anything that looked horribly expensive, or even recently marked up. I availed myself of a 20k from 1928, among others.

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