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Italian States - Venetian Grosso

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This is a coin type I have been wanting for a very long time. I love the stylized way the figures are rendered. These are copies of Byzantine gold coins but I like them like these in silver.




Giovanni Soranzo as Doge (Duke) (1312-1328)

Grosso Venice Mint (in the style of earlier Byzantine gold Histamenons)


IO SVPANTIO S M VENETI (Giovanni Soranzo Saint Mark Venice)

St. Mark and the Doge standing facing holding flag between them DVX (Duke) in Center


IC | XC (Greek abbreviation meaning Jesus Christ)

Christ enthroned facing holding book of gospels

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Thanks. I have slowed down on my collecting and decided I wanted to concentrate on quality over quantity, take my time and only get the coins I want even if I pay more or have to wait until the right one comes along. In the last few years I have only purchase a handfull of new coins (and a good amount of Notgeld which are, in general, cheaper). 99 out of 100 of these coins are in pretty poor shape with flattened parts of faces and the like, but this one was in pretty good shape, good detail all around, and it was from a very reputatble dealer so I went for it.

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