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Malaysia 1986 Parliment house 50 sen coin with number 5 on lettering edge?Help please

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Hi,I really think and miss all of you very much because I have not yet been logging in for few months aready,the good news is that I am free from now onward till next month.


I am back to my coin collecting hobby right now and I have just discovered a Malaysia 1986 Parliment house 50 sen coin with number 5 on lettering edge there.It looks more like a number 5 than a letter S in one of the MALAYSIA but the other one which remain back as normal on the lettering edge there.The number 5 has replaced the letter S in MALAYSIA as MALAY5IA on the lettering edge there.Honestly,I have never seen any number appeared on the lettering edge before except for misalligment and missing letters on the lettering edge there only if I am not wrong about it for sure from my personal experience.


I would like to get help from the experts to identify the number 5 instead of the letter S on the lettering edge and tell me what happened to the letter had became a number 5 there because I am not a coin expert especially on the lettering edge there.Please give me your personal opinion and explainion on this piece.I do always apprieiciate your help very much as usual.Please refer to the scans below and let me know what you think.Thank you






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