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1900-1944 German Auction Catalogs

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Hello. I'm currently looking for numismatic auction catalogs for the period 1900-1944 from any of the following German firms :

  • Robert Ball
  • Adolph Cahn
  • Frankfurter Munzhandlung
  • Ludwig Grabow
  • Adolph Hess
  • Otto Helbing
  • Joseph Hamburger
  • Leo Hamburger
  • Jacob Hirsch
  • Rudolf Kube
  • Eugen Merzbacher
  • Hans Meuss
  • Edmund Rappaport
  • A. Riechmann
  • HS Rosenberg
  • Sally Rosenberg
  • Schott-Wallerstein
  • Felix Schlessinger
  • Waldemar Wruck

Not looking for expensive bound versions.


Condition and subject matter is not overly important, though plates, if available, should be complete.

Prices Realized lists for the same period are also wanted, even if the catalog is not available.

Finally, auction catalogs issued without plates and periodic Lager-Katalogs (price lists) are also considered, though are less important to me.


Please send a PM with details and asking price.


Thank you


Steve Moulding

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