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Genuine 1936 5 kopek?


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looks fine to me from this picture, what is your worry, any suspicious details?

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IMHO: It depends on what it was cleaned with. If they used petrol or acid to clean it, and what the original condition of the coin was. People called these coins "coppers" (медяки [medyaki]) and believed that "copper" coins keep value even after money reform, as it's too much trouble for government to take the old ones from circulation (and that happened once or twice during Soviet rule). So, many people where keeping "change jars", full of "copper" coins, for the day when they run out of money or for when the reform will come unexpectedly again. This kept a lot of coins out of circulation and environmental damage, so you may be just lucky to get one of these coins. And if it was not cleaned with corrosive substance, the condition may be pretty good, after careful cleaning that is. Don't be surprised if you get one in a very good condition. I am more puzzled by these identical 3 line scratches. I've seen them before. Metro use?

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