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Opinion: Is this a cast copy with metal bubbling off a lead center?


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I saw this auction and there wasn't any chance I was going to bid on the item, but I was just wondering what was going on with the metal on the coin. As best as I can tell, it appears to be a cast copy with metal plating bubbling off of a denser metal center? Any opinions on this? I'm trying to educate myself on copies when they are not in hand and looking for warning signs through pictures on Ebay and what not because I would prefer to not inadvertently buy any copy coins. Sorry if I am a little naive or the questions are elementary.







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Well, I'm learning Kopeikin. I typically buy coins in the $20-40 range and I stick to copper for the most part. That does leave me with some semblance of sanity in terms of figuring out genuine coins from copies. As I have been branching out into silver a little more, I am learning the field as I can from the computer and without trying to put too much money at risk. But yes, the coin was ugly, just looked unusual and caught my attention.

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