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1787 T.M. - 5 Kopeek, WAG


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Looks suspicious to me when comparing this image with the other two on http://www.m-dv.ru/catalog/id,6194/prohod.html:


"Bitkin 1283 (R4)":



Also, there is a ridiculously low estimate of 1600 € :hysterical:


Opinions? (PS - I am not bidding on this one)

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It has some features (e.g. crown) better looking than the other two coins, and the other features worth looking (e.g. marks close to edges). I am not talking about condition but the actual design of the dies. It looks old, but I would be very cautious, and would not risk my pennies on that one... If it looks too good to be true, it most probably is...

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