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Galvano Copies of Russian Medals

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I can't say that I'm a medal collector. I don't know anything about medals. But I do like them, and on occasion buy Russian medals and exonumia.


It so happened that I bought 2 18th century Russian medals from the same seller, and I am now puzzling over them. The first medal looks great, I do not have any issues with that one, here it is:



The second one I'm not so sure about. It seems heavier than it should be, that's just an impression, because my coin scale can't handle the weight of such lofty objects. The sound it makes when struck is not what I think it should be. Just a little too dull. Not a thud mind you but nowhere near the above medal's ringing. And it looks like there is some tooling around the edge.


I do believe that there are many modern and old Galvano copies of Russian medals. I do own a couple of, probably newer, Galvanos. I compared this new medal to them, and it looks much better. The field has some shine to it, and the sound the other galvanos make is a dead thud. So I'm not entirely sure what to make of it. I would appreciate Your learned input on the matter.


Here are the large photos of the 1724 Coronation of Queen Elisabeth 1st of Russia by her Husband Peter the Great medal:






Some edge fragments that look suspect to me:





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