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Need Help Identifying Chinese Banknote


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Hello. This is my first post and my name is Paul. I found this odd banknote, apparently chinese, in my collection. It does not show up in Pick, but my copy of that book is perhaps 20 years old. I also checked Korea & Japan. I bought this note about 20 years ago, also, but do not have the receipt.


It measures about 8 cm X 14.5 cm. Thanks. I am trying to figure out how to put bigger images in this post.



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Hello Paul,

This is a 1 yuan note, issued in a military (anti-Japanes) base called Shenfu Base (神府), situated in the north of Shaanxi (=Shensi) province. The name Shenfu is a combination of the first syllables of Shenmu (神木) and Fugu (府谷). The note was issued in 1936, during the anti-Japanese war, and circulated only in the "special district of Shenfu" (神府特區). The Shenfu Base was founded in 1934 and the "sowjet government" was established. A whole series of these notes was issued: 5 Fen, 1 Jiao, 5 Jiao and 1 Yuan.


The notes ceased to circulate in 1937 when the Shenfu Base became a part of the greater Shaan-Gan-Ning Special Zone (陝甘寧特區).


The title of the note reads 神府特區抗日人民華革委員會銀行 (shenfu tequ kangri renmin huage weiyuanhui yinhang) which I will try to translate (I know my English is not perfect): Bank of Peoples Committee of the Anti-Japanese Aggression.


The four characters at bottom read 流通紙券 (liutong zhiquan) = circulating paper note.



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