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My First Slabbed coins


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I've started thinking that I may come down off my high horse about "tombstones", because I've started thinking of doing a slabbed set when I tackle Ikes. And as hard as it is to find ATB quarters in change, I'm thinking about a slabbed set there, too. I don't think I'm going to be able to get them from change. They're just not circulating.

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First, it's a small set, so if I decide I don't like slabs, it will neither be a huge project nor a large piece of my collection. Second, there aren't any killer coins in the set, so I won't suffer sticker shock on any of them. Lastly, they're large coins that even my horrible eyesight can appreciate through a layer of plastic. What I haven't decided for myself is whether I am going to collect them all from one grading service, or mix and match from the Big Four. Or if I really want to do it that way in the first place. :)

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