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Just beware !!


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I decided to write here because noticed that this s..t is flowing also to other countries..

So beware of anything graded by PCG. Apart of the fact that this grading is a huge joke and fraud and we are fighting with this on our own, domestic field .. someone may be just charmed by the notes MS67 or MS 68 (lol) and feel very bad after receiving some ugly surprise in plastic box...

Just small example if someone doesn't know how this box looks like: http://www.ebay.co.u...251187052240%26


this one from UK..but noticed other in Netherlands and other countries..


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And I thought Ebay now bans numerical grades unless the TPG service is registered with them?

Bill, this is true for Ebay in the US, but I do not know if this has been enacted on other the Ebay sites such as Ebay UK etc.
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it's not accepted by ebay, in matter of fact, you can't listed on with name of this company in title or description, check it, nowhere around says PCG.

In another hand, common , its so obviously fake , even word occupation spelled with china accent lol

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