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Question About the Denver Mint Medals (Presidents)

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<font size=3>OK, now I know that this subject might be a little mundane but I need some help.<br>I just aquired what appears to be two US Presidential Peace medals but with a twist.<br>These are the small 1 5/16 inch bronze type but with a "D" mint mark on them.<br> The two are Zachary Taylor and Warren Harding.<br>My Question is does anyone have any reference materials or specific information that these indeed were struck at the Denver mint?<br>I see on other coin reference web sites there is some discussion but I didn't find anything definitive.<br>They sure look authentic to me---But who knows?

<br>Thanks in advance for those who reply!

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<font size=2>A big thanks to "constanius" for finding this info! I try to do much of my research myself but all I came up with was incorrect or assumptions. As constanius states this is pretty definitive! Now to add to this post, in addition to the two medals previously listed I had one other presidential medal that really stuck out as having a different finish. At first I thought it was struck on the wrong planchet material but the info provided above now points to the fact that this medal is actually a 24k gold plated version of Martin Van Buren (808G). The medal was real dirty and abused so I committed the ultimate collecting sin and cleaned it. I will keep it and put it in an album for future reference.<br>


Wonderful information and Thanks!

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