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Hi from canada ... need help

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I found this coin and am wondering if it's a legit coin the only thing i have found so far (2 days of searching) that is exactly like mine but is made of gold not brass/bronze (not sure which mine is) so am wondering if anyone has ever seen this coin before and if so did they make it in bronze/brass or just gold...


The coin i found was at this auction site http://images.goldbe...ale=41&lot=3984


description is as follows "Bohemia. Goldgulden, ND. Charles I of Bohemia, 1346-1378, Karl IV, Holy Roman Emperor. Full facing crowned bust holding sword and orb. Leg: +KAROLVS.D - EI.GRA.CIE. Reverse: Bohemian lion. Leg: ROMA -NORVM.ET.BOEMIE.REX.


Bohemia at this time was an independent kingdom. The reverse Bohemian lion indicates that. So even though the Emperor is pictured, he was Karl I of Bohemia and Karl IV of the Empire. This is a very scarce and popular type, almost never seen this choice.


The picture i have attached is of the one i found .... it weighs about 49g or more didn't get to weigh it on a proper scale but it is heavy and about 1/2 cm thick and 3.5cm across"

found coin.jpg

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