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Need help identifying coin(s)


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How old??? i don`t know sorry if i posted this to wrong place i saw that other need help too :)

I found 3 different coins but i`ll add only one coin pictures (front and back view)

All 3 silver coins size 1.8-2mm. I looked lot of coins. i`m tired maybe you can help ;)


back view sam0529g.jpg


Front view


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:D i thought so and i looked lot of coins

that "guy with a zepter" in the front picture looks like arcbishop (but who what country very hard to tell i know)

i tried to read the roman numbers in medieval time it was different system

11th-12th when priest come to my homeland (somewhere in the baltic states) and spread the christianity and 13th century when the crusaders came... looked even crusaders coins but nope nothing

As i said i found 3 coins

2nd coin has cross with 4 dots in the back in front looks like a holy guy circle around his head (http://home.eckerd.edu/~oberhot/frob2bg.jpg) looks like this the bishop version the coin is damaged small piece is missing


*third coin(on the picture above) is almost flat broken in the middle i accidently did it :( very slim and fragile




the other side of the third coin first from the left


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Oops i made a mistake i posted 3rd coin front view twice actually i can`t tell if it is front or back view

but i think with letters is the back view so 3rd coin back view first from the left




Tnx for the all the help you can give don`t be shy :D

Hints where i can look similar coin pictures etc

I`m not a collector just average person found these coins just walking with my dog... 2 coins 1 year ago and 3rd coin this year

same place on plowed field

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The facing portraits might help narrow it down a little, the reverses really don't; the cross with four pellets was used all over. The middle one reminds me of a Hungarian denar but it's just hard to say when one doesn't look at these a lot. Search for things like medieval, denar, silver penny, facing portrait either google or vcoins and see if you have any luck.

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Anyone knows what is that sign on that person's(pope/arcbishop) hat (look the second picture)


i'm tired already :( back view i can read or it looks like Inno(cet)? arcbishop-cardinal-pope innocent?


front after SCSB is IV


4th maybe

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found 4th coin identified it Aethelred II (978-1016), Silver Penny, 1.12g., Helmet type


lucky me i don't have metal detector but it looks like there are more coins there

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Another coin identified :D the middle one i`m 99% sure

Niederlande-Deventer, Münzstätte des Bistums Utrec Pfennig 1027-1054

2 coins left to identify broken and "holy one" first from the right

The "holy one" those letter on the back make me grazy :D

when they hammer it i don`t know if the letter got backwards ... when you write on a paper with a ink and try to make a a print to another paper letters get wrong way so... don`t need a mirror to read them

those letter are in a round shape




* is a weird symbol like a arrow (or russian letter Г ) pointing how to read it? CRON NICE/CEON NICR etc

dot between ON and NI

Any ideas how i can read them?

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Nice all done i used help from another site they identified it less than a hour

I`ll copy their response


" Silver denarius in the name of Bernoldus (1027-1054), bishop of Utrecht. Originals struck in villa Gruoninga (city of Groningen), which was given to bishop Bernoldus in 1040, therefore struck in the period 1040-1054. Since the legends on your coin are quite corrupted, this is likely to be a later imitation. Van der Chijs 19-24 (originals are Van der Chijs 16-18). The imitations are correct weight, so they are more like emergency issues than like frauds.


Obv: bishop with staff in a circle between two groups of three dots. Around +SCS BONIFACIVS ARCHIEPS - sanctvs Bonifacivs archiepiscopvs (Saint Boniface archbishop).


Rev: CRV/ONIN/CE (mint) in a circle, around +V BERNOLDVS EPS. Lettering on this side is pretty jumbled "

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